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Product Design

Designing a new product is a creative task. A lot of tasks are involved. One of the most important aspects of a new product is not that the product works, but it is about fitting the needs of the customer.

Software Design

Software is very important is most new products. Writing software is not hard, but writing good software with high compatibility is hard. Software is responsible for all functionality in most new products.

Hardware Design

The hardware becomes important when high accuracy is needed. Signal integrity and high speed design becomes more and more important. MHElektro uses new tools and software to design and test their hardware designs.


Developing only works with perfect comminucation
MHElektro's vision to give the customer a products he wants

MHElektro, started in 2014, is a starting company that focuses on custom product development. It is a small company, with less then 10 employees.
The vision of MHElektro what seperates us from other embedded systems developers is that we communicate with customers. When a customer comes with an idea for a product, in most of the times the developer creates another product, barely fitting the original idea.
This is solved doing perfect communication with customers. And if that takes a little more time, ok! The most important part of a product design is that the final product fits the original product idea.

Design flow

Design with confident


The idea in technical terms
This is an important step in the design proces. The requirements decide what the final product should be able to do. When this is set, engineers go on with the next step.

Schematic Design

Block diagram of the product
This gives a better insight of the product in technical terms. These are build by a system architect. From these, an inquiry can be made until an agreement settles.


Settle an agreement with the customer
When an inquiry has been made, the outcome is always discussable. It does not matter if that is about pricing, about the products or the time of delivery.


Design of a custom developed prototype
A prototype is the first step to a (mass)production enabled product. With a prototype, the customer can verify the needs of the product, and determine if it needs more (or less) functionality.

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